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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Two third if not all bloggers blog so as to make some money out of their blogs. This is not as easy as it may sound. Most people think the internet is an easy gold mine where they can just tap some easy cash. And most of the time vendors ( people who have ebooks, vdeos or software and need affiliates to promote them ) make it sound so. They say easy things like `` you just need to know how to copy and paste in order to earn 350 or even 4000 dollars.

What they are hiding from you is the fact that you will need people to visit the website or blog you are using to promote their products. This is called internet traffic. Trust me many people have given up in the affiliate marketing field without being able to send a single person to their website or blogs.

When you will be introduced to the most important factor of internet marketing or affiliate marketing (traffic). You will come across things like

  • Social media marketing: Most of you are already familia with this. This include all the social media sites you are registered on like facebook, twitter, digg, stumble upon, etc. This is the oldest form of affiliate marketing but still the most affective. The secret here is to choose a few and be really active on them. Some of you have 1000+ freinds on facebook who also have 1000+ friends and so on. Start here tell your friends about your blog or website and they might also tell their friends and the information can go viral getting you some quality traffic with very little effort.

  • SEO ( search engine optimisation ): You all will bare with me here that, almost three quater of internet users fall on websites and blogs using search engines like google, yahoo, ask etc. using what is called keywords. The process of being rank high on such search engine is known as SEO. Just imagin how much traffic you can get if your website or blog appears on the front page of google for a particular keyword even just for a single day. Here are the things you need to do in order to get your site ranked high by search engines.

  • The first and most important element is to write unique content. Search engines hate duplicates.

  • Contents on your site should be keyword rich. Say you are blogging about video games. When writing articles for your site, make sure the word video games appear as many times as you can make it appear.

  • Submit your site or blog to feed hosting sites like feedburner.com ( you can google for more services.)

  • Submit your blog to blog directories. Start with this ones.

1. 2Rss – http://www.2rss.com/index.php
2. 5Star Blogs – http://www.5starblogs.com/
3. 9Rules – http://9rules.com/
4. All-Blogs.net – http://www.all-blogs.net/submit.php
5. AL Weblogs Directory – http://directory.autismlina.com
6. Answers – http://www.answers.com/main/new_blogger.jsp
7. BiggerBlogger – http://www.biggerblogger.com

8. Blogadr – http://www.blogadr.com/
9. Blog Advance – http://blogadvance.com/
10. BlogAnnounce – http://blogannounce.info/
11. Blogarama – http://www.blogarama.com/add-a-site/
12. Blogbib – http://www.blogbib.com/submit.php
13. Blogbunch – http://www.blogbunch.com/suggest/
14. BlogCatalog – http://www.blogcatalog.com/blogs/submit_blog.html
15. Blogcode – http://www.blogcode.com/signup.php
16. Blogs-Collection – http://www.blogs-collection.com/
17. Blogdigger – http://blogdigger.com/add.jsp
18. Blogflux – http://www.blogflux.com/add.php
19. Bloggernity – http://www.bloggernity.com/cgi-bin/add.cgi
20. BlogHer – http://www.blogher.org/bloghers-blogrolls
21. Bloghop – http://www.bloghop.com/account/index.htm
22. Bloghub – http://www.bloghub.com/cgi-bin/add.cgi
23. Blogintro – http://blogintro.com/
24. Bloglisting – http://www.bloglisting.com/addablog.html
25. BlogMap – http://www.csthota.com/blogmap/submit.aspx
26. Blog Mopolis – http://www.blogmopolis.com/
27. Blogion – http://www.blogion.com/
28. BlogOrama – http://www.blogarama.com/add-a-site/
29. BlogORiffic – http://blogoriffic.com/
30. Blogooza – http://www.blogazoo.com/
31. BlogPoint – http://www.blogpoint.com/
32. BlogPulse – http://www.blogpulse.com/submit.html
33. Blog Scholar – http://www.blogscholar.com/
34. Blogs Collection – http://www.blogs-collection.com/
35. Blog-search – http://www.blog-search.com/blog-submission.html
36. Blogs For Small Business – http://www.blogsforsmallbusiness.com
37. Blog Street – http://www.blogstreet.com/
38. BlogSweet.com – http://www.blogsweet.com/
39. Blogz – http://www.sarthak.net/blogz/add.php
40. Bloogz – http://www.bloogz.com/man_en/add_your_url.php
41. Blurt it! – http://www.blurtit.com/
42. BoingBoing – http://boingboing.net/suggest.html
43. BrowsBlogs – http://browseblogs.com/
44. Bulk Feeds – http://bulkfeeds.net/
45. Bulletize – http://www.bulletize.com/submit.php
46. ContentsMatter – http://www.contentsmatter.com/add.php
47. Crayon – http://www.crayon.net/using/suggest.html
48. DaytimeNews – http://www.daytimenews.com/
49. Delightful Blogs – http://www.delightfulblogs.com/
50. Diarist – http://www.diarist.net/registry/
51. EatonWeb – http://portal.eatonweb.com/add.php
52. Feed-Directory – http://www.feed-directory.com/addfeed
53. Feeds4all – http://www.feeds4all.com/NewFeed.aspx
54. Feedage – http://www.feedage.com/submit.php
55. FindingBlog  – http://findingblog.com/add_blog.php?cat=
56. Findory – http://www.findory.com/submit-blog
57. FlybySearch – http://www.fybersearch.com/add-url.php
58. GeekPhilisopher – http://geekphilosopher.com/index.html
59. GenWi – http://www.genwi.com/
60. Get Blogs – http://www.getblogs.com/
61. Globeofblogs – http://www.globeofblogs.com/register.php
62. Guardian Unlimited – Weblog Guide  http://www.guardian.co.uk/weblog/special/0,10627,744914,00.html
63. Headlinespot – http://www.headlinespot.com/
64. iBlog Business Directory  – http://www.iblogbusiness.com/add.html
65. Icerocket – http://www.icerocket.com/c?p=addblog
66. Industry-blogs – http://www.industry-blogs.com/submit.php
67. It’s my News – http://itsmynews.com/
68. KookKoo – http://www.kookkoo.com/
69. LSBlogs – http://www.lsblogs.com/howtosubmit.php
70. MillionRSS – http://www.millionrss.com/
71. NewsAlert – http://www.newsalert.com
72. News Interceptor – http://www.newsinterceptor.com
73. NewsNow – http://www.newsnow.co.uk/
74. News Trove – http://www.newstrove.com/
75. Plazoo – http://www.plazoo.com/en/addrss.asp
76. Postami – http://www.postami.com/rss.finder/submit_feed.php
77. Pressradar – http://www.pressradar.com/suggest
78. Quick Blog Directory – www.quickblogdirectory.com
79. Rateitall – http://tinyurl.com/2t7m8e
80. ReadAblog – http://www.readablog.com/AddFeed.aspx
81. Root Blog Directory – http://www.rootblog.com/
82. Redtram – http://www.redtram.com/pages/addsource/
83. RocketInfo – http://reader.rocketinfo.com/desktop/AddRSSFeed.jsp
84. Search4Blogs – http://www.search4blog.com/
85. Search4Rs -s http://www.search4rss.com
86. Small Business Blog Directory – http://blogsforsmallbusiness.com/directory/add.html
87. SmallBusiness.com – http://smallbusiness.com/wiki/Weblog_directory_company_blogs
88. Squidoo – http://www.squidoo.com
89. Start4all: Weblogs – http://www.start4all.com/?A=page&subject=weblog
90. Strategic Board – http://strategicboard.com/?s=h:addblog
91. Syndic8  – http://www.syndic8.com/suggest_start.php
92. Today.com – http://www.today.com/
93. Technorati – http://www.technorati.com/ping.html
94. Tech Writers Blog – www.techwriterblogs.com
95. TheVital.Net – http://www.thevital.net/
96. Topix  – http://www.topix.net/member/register
97. TruthLaidBear – http://www.truthlaidbear.com/addtoscan.php
98. Wutzle – http://wutzle.com/
99. XHTML Friends Network – http://www.xhtmlfriends.net/
100. Yahoo.com – http://tinyurl.com/c2qwp
  • You can also submit your blog to DMOZ “the mother of all directories” – http://dmoz.org/ – the procedure is pretty straightforward but it could take forever for an editor to even look at your submission.  But if you can get listed… it’s definitely worth the wait. Note some of the sites are out dated and some charge for submision but a vast majority of them are free.

  • Claim your blog at technorati.com

  • Post comments to blogs with high traffic. Make sure you write an interesting comment with a link to your blog. Some of such blog owners are kind enough to give you a link.

  • Write articles and submit them to article directories like ezinesarticle.com, articlesbase.com goarticles.com. Articles are very important when it comes to web traffic because they are rank higher than websites by search engines and also when they are submitted to directories, they are free for website owners to use on their websites. So if you write an interesting article, it might go viral creating a lot of traffic for you.

  • You can also bundle these articles and submit them to file hosting sites like scribd.com for free download.

  • Make videos of your website or blog and post them to video sites. You can start with this ones.

- Join the club of bloggers at böggers.com.

Getting web traffic is not like Math where you must follow a particular method in order to get a problem solved. Any thing you can do to get noticed out there, go for it. The methods above are just proven ones to get you started. Do something unique and you will see the amount of traffic you can get from that.
Please if you found this interestion, help me share it.


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