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Thursday, September 8, 2011

you have the yellow or red light flashing away on your console then it
can be over a small bit annoying & what can put the icing
on the cake is having to wait for four weeks & pay out $150 for a fix!

Not lovely!

You should not!

Lots of game enthusiasts feel this way & for lovely reason - after all why ought to
you need to pay for a console that you have already paid for that is

Well of the rant because today I will tell you what causes this
issue & the way you can fix it from home using a top rated guide that
will show you how to fix this issue for lovely!

So what is the YLOD (Yellow Light Of Death)?

So the choice you have is to send it in & they will fix it for you,
this is a lovely choice but the thing that might put you off is the hefty
$150 fee for the repair & also you must wait for four weeks!

The Yellow light of death is called something so dramatic because when
you see this it means that your PS3 has had a hardware failure! It is
caused by overheating on the motherboard & you will need to find some
way to get it repaired one time you see this.

Which brings me on to the home repair solution that you can use to fix
your console.

Now lots of people think when they listen to the word "D.I.Y" or "home
solution" that you will need to be a rocket scientist to fix your
console but this is the not the case!

There is a full guarantee, nothing technical & the whole fix only makes use of
household items so it is well worth a glance!

They have checked around & found a guide that has been made for the
complete beginner, it is called the YLOD Repair Wizard & it will give
you a complete video guide on how to fix this & all other common
issues & the best thing is that you can get up & walking in less
than an hour! Click here to grap your copy now!


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