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Thursday, October 11, 2012

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge… (Hosea 4:6).

At our Global Communion Service, we talked about some of the ways in which you can manifest increased glory this month as the Spirit of God had said, and one of those ways is by walking in the Word. The only thing standing between some folks and the experience of the glorious life in Christ to which they’ve been called is their ignorance of God’s Word. If you lack the knowledge of God’s Word, you’ll live at a level far lower than where Jesus brought us to. The Bible says through knowledge—revelation knowledge of the scriptures shall the just be delivered into their inheritance (Proverbs 11:9).

You must never be too busy to study the Scriptures, or attend Church regularly for the Church is the place God has ordained for His children to learn and be built up in the Word. If you want to live the glorious life this month, you must go for the Word and walk in it consistently.

Though God has brought you into the glorious life, ignorance can keep you from enjoying your inheritance in Christ; for you have to know what belongs to you to appropriate same into your life. The quality of life you’re living today is directly proportional to your measure of knowledge of God’s Word. You can’t have a life greater than your understanding of spiritual truths. The enemy may take advantage of a man’s ignorance and keep him in bondage, but the moment the knowledge of God’s Word dawns on that man’s spirit, he’ll walk out of the chains of bondage. That’s how powerful knowledge is! When you store up God’s Word in your heart, you’ll live to your highest potentials in life and manifest His glory. So, this month you must consciously go for the Word and consistently apply it in your situations!

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