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Sunday, November 11, 2012

That feeling of you never fitting in is God leading you from faith to faith and glory to glory, steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord

Anytime you come into a new arena, you must humble yourself and become a student so you can move from this level to the next.

You CANNOT lead what you fit in with! Leaders always stand out from the crowd!

God has the ability to take all the things of your life that seem to make no sense and use them all for His purpose and your benefit.

You CANNOT rebuke a devil you continuously grant access to your life.

If you curse the way God led you, you will not reach the place He is taking you.

You cannot lead someone to a place you’ve not been yourself.

If God exposes you to something and you turn the other way and keep walking its not for you. You CANNOT ignore what God has ordained for you

Relationships are 1 of your greatest resources, invest wisely, protect vehemently, and always try to be the friend you wish you had!

God is going to use everything you’ve been through to get you ready for what He’s going to do through your life!

Your need for affirmation and acceptance from your critics will often derail you from your purpose.

When the enemy comes in like a FLOOD, Spirit of The Lord lift up a STANDARD against the enemy!

If you are not prepared, you will find yourself torn between who you were and who God has called you to be!

We all have our failures and defeats. The good news is that God never disqualifies us. God never writes us off.

Don't forget, you have been called to live a bold, confident, overcoming life!

You are not here on earth by accident. God has a plan and a purpose for your life.

God will always send the right person to say the right thing to keep you from missing your destiny.

What begging won't do, believing will do. Don't be a beggar. Be a believer.

God is in complete control. So be a prisoner of hope. Get up each day expecting His favor.

If God showed you everything He had in store for you, it would boggle your mind.


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