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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation (Romans 10:10).
You have come into a place of victory, prosperity and divine health. You were transported or catapulted into this glorious place the moment you received Jesus as your Lord and savior. However, you won’t enjoy this wonderful gift, which God gave you until you learn to use your mouth to give life to them.

You can use your mouth to keep your body healthy just as you use the same to eat. This you do by continually speaking words that are consistent with God’s Word. You must understand that your future is exactly what you say it will be like today. Hence, when you’re facing a challenge or a problem, refuse to say things that are compatible with the situation, otherwise you’ll only aggravate the problem. Rather talk yourself out of that mess by saying or confessing the Word of God concerning that situation.

For example, you have a marital problem and you keep saying the obvious like, “My husband doesn’t love me anymore. He has become so mean”, he’ll only dislike you more and find you very difficult to love. On the other hand, if you keep saying, “My husband is full of God’s love for me” inspite of the situation, your marriage will surely be restored. Your words have a creative ability; they can produce what you say.
If you could receive your salvation with your mouth, what makes you think receiving your money, blessings or glorious future will be any different? There is great power in your words so learn to speak positive always. Everything you require for a glorious life is already in you. You activate them by speaking them forth. You can change any situation with your mouth. Remember, what you say is what you get.


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