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Thursday, August 1, 2013

We are going to talk about this by answering the question what is the new life in Jesus Christ?'' The writer is not confused talking about the new life in Jesus Christ as most of you must have thought at this point. There is actually a new life in Jesus Christ. ''what is the old life?'' That is the big question now isn't it. Well for those of you who need a clarification, you will get one, don't you worry. The old life is known Biblically as the Worldly life. This is the type of life you live doing things like Furnication, even adaltry (one night stand), smoking, drinking... Just to name a few. while doing all these things, you thought that was life, then came the time when you started looking for love, joy and peace but could not get them because all these things had a temendous negative impact on your person. Because this things will either make you an angry, bitter person or even a hater. If you have come to that stage of your life that you are looking for love, peace and joy, then this is for you, if you have not, then still read on, you will need it later.
So, with all that said what is the new life in Jesus Christ? Jesus said ''come to me all that are heavily loaded and I will give you rest.'' Take note of the underlined words because that is where ''The New Life in Jesus Christ'' lies. If you look at the word ''all'' you will notice it is an open invitation, it has no restrictions and you have the right to either accept or decline it. This is the reason it was the first word that Jesus used to address His direct speech to the World. He could have as well said ''I will give rest to all those that are heavily loaded.'' What he wanted to bring to our attention was that, He does not care about our skin colour, nationality... but you will need to accept the invitation, then he can take away your heavy load, and then He can give you rest. Rest here means peace, joy and love and it is exactly what you are looking for. Jesus said ''peace I give you, not as the world gives.'' You will find out that, while you were doing or still doing all those worldly things, there will be some kind of peace, but that is temporary, it will soon leave you.
what is the new life in Jesus Christ? It is about Jesus taking away your heavy load in exchange for His peace, joy and love. Isn't that the most lovingly thing you can ever get. No wunder the Bible said ''greater is no love than this that a man will lay down his life for his friends.'' If you do not know, yes Jesus died and ressurecetd to ensure these things come to you. But you will have to accept the invitation first.
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