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Saturday, November 23, 2013

How to promote a christian Facebook fan page is an article for small business owners who want to also share in the huge audience Facebook has gained within the years. This days, Facebook is no news at least to almost two billion people. It has become the leading online market. From stars like Eminem, Big companies, to local business. It has even been define like the reason why people browse the internet. Making money on Facebook is becoming more and more practical and every one is getting on it like wild dogs. The stars and large companies are getting every thing because they use large advertising budgets leaving small business owners with little or nothing to feed on.

Let the title how to promote a christian Facebook fan page not discourage you if you are not a christian, you can still get on board and grab the idea on anything you are trying to promote on Facebook.

1) Search Traffic
The largest search engine on the internet is Google, and if your Facebook fan page is well optimise for google search engine, you can get tons of traffic coming your way. The first thing you want to do before you even create a Facebook fan page is to do a keyword research. For those of you who do not know what keyword research is, this are possible search terms that people will be searching google in order to locate your product. So what you want to do is make a list of search terms you know people will be looking for if they will want to know about what you want to promote. You can get a few say four and then use google keyword search tool for more variations. Choose the best and place it on your url address. You can also make the use of harsh tags on sites like Facebook and twitter (this is what a harch tag looks like #rhapsodyofrealities)

2) Social Media Marketing

Like facebook, there are also many other social media sites on the internet. You can use them to promote your Facebook fan page. Twitter is your best shot. There are also some good sites like stumbleupon, pinterest, digg, delicious... So what you want to do is create an account on each of this sites and get active until you get a followup audience and then you can promote your christian Facebook fan page.

3) Article Marketing

This is also a very effective method since you will be making use of keywords. So you can easily combine one and three. Write articles that relate to your product making sure your keywords are found at least three types in the article body (first, second and third paragraphs) and submit them to article directories like ezine article. You can include two links to your christian Facebook fan page. One at the end of the article and one in the resource box.

4) Build a Blog

You can create a blog on blogger to promote your product. This one also make use of keywords. So you can combine 1, 3 and 4. Here you will be writing blog posts to promote your products. it also has thesame formula like article make sure keywords are found at least three times in the blog post (first, second and third paragraphs). So in your article you can choose to place one link of your blog and one link of your christian Facebook fan page.

How to promote a christian Facebook fan page is a very useful article for small business owners with little or no advertising budget. Use this four strategies and you will get results be sure of that.


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