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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Let's start by trying to do some break down, daily is rooted from the keyword, day to day. This is something you do every day. And devotinal is rooted from the keyword devotion, this is your dedication to what you do. So you can also split a daily devotional into, your day to day devotion to the Bible. A daily devotional doesn't necessarilly means your devotion to the word of God, it can also mean your devotion to your spouse. But the two words daily devotional is so much attached to the Bible that each time you mention a daily devotional almost everyone thinks about the Bible. Some people think it is boring, they may say ''I already have my Bible, why have someone explain the Bible to me.'' While most of those that write a real daily devotional are Bible Scolars, they have a better understanding of the Bible than you. For those of you who want to give yourself a chance to better understand the Bible, then read on as we explore 5 Things You Have Been missing For Not Reading A Daily Devotional.

1. Better Understanding Of The Bible: As mentioned earlier most people that come out with a daily devotional have a better understanding of the Bible. So by reading what they have to say about the Bible, gives you the opportunity to tap into what they have learnt by studying the Bible. This is also going to give you the added advantage of making your Bible reading easier.

2. Give The Bible The Feel Of Playing A Game: To be honest I have been a devoted Christian for 2 years now. Picking up my Bible say in the morning or in the evening has never been easy. But since I started reading a daily devotional, I found out that most of the writers pick verses from the Bible and explain the human relationship to that particular verse. So it's like killing two birds with one stone. I read the Bible and at thesame time get the human connnection to that scripture. That sounds like a fair game right!

3. Christian Growth: No one wants to remain a baby to be carried around by just everyone. Everyone wants to grow and gain independence. This is what a daily devotional is going to do for you when it comes to your Christian growth. It is going to explain your rights to you in relation to God. Yes thats right you are going to learn how to get backup from God.

4. Relationship to Fellow Humans: Jesus Christ before he left, gave us one commandment ''love your neighbor as I have loved you.'' Honestly speaking sometimes loving human beings could be as hard as receiving death on the cross. A good daily devotional writer focuses on trying to encourage and inspire you to keep the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ.

5. Assurance: Ever heard the song ''blessed assurance Jesus is mind, oh what a fortress of glory divine...'' Without sense, assurance, life is useless. Added to the fact that you get assurance that Jesus is yours, Jesus also have something better for you, the promise of a Heaven. A daily devotional is just going to try to increase that assurance. And give you more evidence of a heaven.

 There you have it, I can only write, you have the decession to take what you have read and put it into practice, or let it stick here on the internet where you found it. Hvea any comments on 5 Things You Have Been missing For Not Reading A Daily Devotional, then please do not hesitate to add that on the comment section below on this post.


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