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Thursday, January 1, 2015

It is easy to hear that people make money from blogging and then you think you can just jump in and you will start making money too.

Fact: you can make money blogging and even a living.

When you just start a blog, you will be introduced to something called blogtraffic, internet traffic, site traffic, website traffic, web traffic. Onlike the one we all normal hate, car traffic, road traffic, internet traffic is what you will need when it comes to blogging. I am not going to start teaching you here about how to blog and how to get blogtraffic. I want to encourage you and tell you some of the lies you will find when you start searching the web on how to generate traffic to your blog. It is a fustrating process because no one takes the time to tell the truth. I am not the best man but atleast I have all those who want to make money on the internet through blogging at heart. Read on as we disclose some of the many things you will be required by most bloggers you most do.

You have created your blog, now what? you want people to read what you are writing about. You will be introduced to what is called blog promotion, website promotion, site promotion. Many if not all will ask you to do the following.

Search engine optimization: This involves making your site searchable by search engines such as google, yahoo, bing... What you do here is create backlinks by commenting on other blogs, creating profiles on other websites. And you will have to also do what is known as keyword research. A keyword is something people will normally type on say google to get an information, news... say ''how to getblog traffic'' This is a very huge topic when it comes to blogging. There are websites, blogs, and even paid services just to cover this subject alone.

Social media marketing: Here you will have to create profiles on social media sites like facebook, stumbleupon, twitter, digg, delicious... and be active on them so you can get followers who will eventually visit your blog or website.

Article marketing: Here you are required to write articles and submit them to article directories like ezinearticles, articlebase... Most of the article directories will give you two links back to your blog. One in the article body and the other in your BIO.

Video marketing: This requires you to create short videos and submit them to videos sites like youtube...

Forum posting: Here you will have to create profiles on forums and get involved in asking and answering questions.

Joining Q&A sites: Like yahoo answer... Where you will be required to answer questions post by people. You also have the opportunity to ask your own questions.

These ones are definitely the basics and fundamnetal when it comes to blogging. What you will find is everyone trying to modify them and make them look their way.

So here are the things you will commonly find online. How I got 17k (17000) visitors in one day, How I increased a blog traffic by 30% in 2 months, How I incraesed my traffic by 114% in 2 weeks. All these are lies. What these bloggers are not telling you is that they have been blogging for a very long time before they finally found out what works and what doesn't.

For someone like me, I have done it all. I have been blogging for 4 years. Do you know how fustrating it is to do it all and yet not get the results you were expecting? This is why I decided to come up with this post.

Now bottom line peope are making a living blogging at the comfort of their homes and you can too I want to show you how.

First you will have to choose something you are passionate about. This is to ensure you love what you are doing and can write frequently on that topic. What you want to do is create a blogfor people. If people love reading what you write, you will get all the hard work done by them for you. They will share your content and get you backlinks, ( ie they will optimize your site for search engines for you), they will fill your social networks, they will write articles for you ( some people just copy what others have written and place on their blog, I have been there) they will postvideos for you by converting your articles into videos.

Then you will have to find blogs that write on a similar topic as you. Find ones that already have a fair amount of traffic. And comment regularly on them. The type of comment I mean hereis not the normal ''thank you for sharing this post,'' ''great article.'' Read through the post and understand what the writer is trying to transpire and make a comment adding value to that post. You can even raise up an argument on something you disagree the writer wrote about. But be sure you know what you are doing. Because you will get alot of heat from those already reading that blog and from the writer himself. This is what you can get, you can get noticed by the writer and tap into his/her already loyal blog followers.

The truth about blogging, blogging is really a good way to add some decent money at home. It takes some time, patience and hardwork. Be stragegical and creative in your approach, love what you do, write interesting stuffs, make intelligent comments on other blogs, give the blog some time to age and get use to the internet. Blogging is not Asap ( you do not get it right here, right now.)


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