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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Pinterest is the fastest growing social network.

With a huge percentage of it's users being women.

Recent studies have shown that it converts better than facebook and twitter.

Probably since it is new people are excited about just any thing they see there.

I have been doing some careful case studies on it for the past 2 weeks now.

I found out something very surprising, people are busy creating boards and making pins rather than getting followers.

Yes having a good number of pins and boards is a great idea.

But the fun is in the interaction.

You want to see people liking repining and sharing your pins, following your boards.

And you can only achieve this if you have more followers.

Follow people like crazy.

Don't create a beautiful pinterest profile with lovely boards and pins on women stuffs after you took an exam on how pinterest functions, set and fold your arms and brag hoping people must like share and repin what you have to show them.

That will not happen, I can assure you of that with all certainty.
You need to go for some outreach.

Just be following people and a good number of them will follow back.

And you will also have the opportunity for your profile to be found on others.

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