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Monday, June 22, 2015

For those of you that know a thing or 2 about seo, or are advanced dark seo thieves, then this is going to be boring to you since we're going to be defining backlinks here.

For the beginners you want to take this seriously.

I came up with this after 4 years of experience.

I have done it the hard core way until I was able to find out what works.

The internet today is filled with all kinds of materials.

I heard there're 2 million blogs post publish each single day.

So if you want to get into the game, then you have to know your way round.

Gone are the days when you publish just any thing and people were still excited about receiving emails.

These days you have to educate yourself if you want to make it online.

Now that we have a history, let's try to get into what we're trying to do here.

Shall we?

SEO (search engine optimization), that's right, that's what we will be talking about all day.

The whole story about seo is getting search traffic from sites like google, yahoo, bing...

But it's not as easy as it sounds, you will have to do some work to see results.

Before I get into what you must do I have to ask you the following questions.

Have you submitted your site to google analytics?

This will give you very important data about your site.

I want you to pay close attention to the following.

- Users

- Returning visitors

- Avg. session duration

Have you submitted your site to google webmasters tool?

Here I want you to pay attention to the following.

- Clicks

- Keywords

- Backlinks, internal and external

Have you check your site rank on google using google rank checker?

I was doing a case study for 1 week on this topic on pinterest.

I found out a very sucking result.

Must of the sites have a 0 google rank.

Some of them aren't even listed on google.

Then I said to myself, do these people know what they're doing?

You can't make it these days on the internet without organic search traffic.

That's why I came up with this idea.

I could give it out for free, but we're talking here about my 4 years experience.


So this is what you must do to get your site ready for seo.

Day 1

Keyword research: Keywords are basically search phrases people will normally type on search engines say ''where to find a seo adviser'' or seo tips...

If you're new on the internet then don't fool yourself you're the only one blogging about something.

You have what is known as competitors.

Mind you there're giant ones who have the budget to spend on google adword and facebook ads.

We want to get low competitive keywords with high search volume.

How do we do that?

Head over to google keyword planner.

Give me some time to say 1 or 2 things.

There're paid methods to everything we're going to be saying here.

But the free ways are even better more than the paid methods.

So every thing you're going to find here is free and proven to work wanders.

Now you're on google planner.

You're going to find 2 sections

1 telling you to enter a keyword, the other telling you to enter a url, website or page seen as this www.example.com.

Now if you enter a keyword into the enter keyword section, you're going to be getting what every body is getting.
Here we don't want that since we want to make you unique.

Instead this is what you want to do.

- Enter your domain url into the www.example.com section.

- Competitors websites

- Wiki pages

- Or anything you find on the internet writing about what you're writing about.

What this will present you with is what is known as long tail keywords.

Very unique and very effective.

Grab you say 5 and write about them in full detail.

Day 2

Backlinks: Now this is how google rank your site.

Based on the number of internal and external backlinks you have.

External backlinks will depend on their authority known as PR.

So this is what you want to do

Interlink your post and create backlinks on high pr sites

Don't forget to get a backlink from the following sites

- youtube

- google+

- Facebook

- twitter

- delicious

- pinterest

- digg

- stumbleupon

These are very authoritative sites on the intenet.

You can also get backlinks through.

- Blog commenting: Now when commenting, do not target the backlink, but go in for the audience, that is why it is advisable to comment on blogs and websites with a large audience.

By so doing you can get the attention of the already loyal audience of that particular blog or website and then a backlink.

- Article submission: Do a google search on article submission sites, and you will get a tone of them with their pr.

Choose say 10 and make some quality article submission to those 10.

- Forum backlinks: here you get a profile backlink and you get your presence known by posting threads and answering to other threads.

Now do not go about spamming forums just to get a backlink when you can participate in the forum and get some real time visitors back to your website or blog.

A Very Affective Way To Get Backlinks And Some Traffic

I was scratching every piece of google search this morning for the keyphrase ''list of bookmarks that allow delicious import'' or ''list of bookmarks with delicious important feature''.

To my surprise I came out with no results.

So I had to create 100 profiles on different bookmark sites just to come out with this list myself.

Now there was a reason I had to go through all that trouble.

To cut the look story short, I had found a way to tag keywords.

When we talk about traffic in the blogging game we are not reflecting to the one you normal hate (road traffic) this time you will have to love this one because without it, your beautiful blog makes no sense and it will die.

So this one is both for the old schools and newbies read on as we try to cover this togther.

Now getting blog traffic is a very difficult process, there are over 167 million blogs online, for those of you that will bother to check do not blame me if they have added, this was the result I got the last time I searched for the number of online blogs.

This is because some give up too soon and some think they just have to sleep on their beds drop 1 or 2 articles on the internet and they will see people start flooding in.

I am sorry to be the one to tell you this, you have to live above the noise to get people engage in what you have to share.

There is a way you can get traffic from what people are busy typing on search engines every day especially google.

Say like me that was searching for the keyphrases ''list of bookmarks that allow delicious import'' or ''list of bookmarks with delicious important feature''.

Backlinks play a very important role when it comes to search engine optimisation. They tell google and other search engines how to rank your site.

Google rank sites based on a scale of 1-10 depending on the number of backlinks you have and the quality of the backlinks since here what matters is quality not quantity.

With all that said, I was just trying to tell you a little story about the seo world so that you know that I know what I am talking about. End of story.

Let us get into business. We are going to call our little seo tip authority tagging.

So the first thing you what to do is understand what you what to tell the world, in the blogging world it is known as your niche.

Try to come out with some word phrases you think people might be typing on google to get to your product.

Make a list of this words in a notepad or what ever.

Helping aids can be yahoo answer and Quora since people are always asking questions on these sites.

So you will know what they are looking for.

Now you have your keyword on your notepad. get as many as you can.

The second thing you must do is head over to delicious and create an account if you do not have one.

Delicious enables you to save web pages known as bookmarks.

I will assume you have your keywords and a delicious account by now.

The next step is to write a short description of your product.

Do not make it too personal, like I have the best shoe shop on the internet, people do not like relating to things like that on the internet.

But at least be sure of what you are telling them. Say something like my fashion blog is not that bad.

Head over to your blog, save atleast 10 pages on your blog to your delicious account, you are allowed to save more, 10 is just a good figure.

Then look for some other blogs on your niche and save those ones too.

If you have articles, then save some of those too, If you can trace where your blog has links, then save some of those pages too.

Your delicious account is good to go.

There are other bookmark sites that will allow you import your delicious bookmarks.

They have what is known as the delicious important feature.

You do not have to look for them I have done the hard work for you.

Here you go

So you can see what learning can do.

I was just searching for ''list of bookmarks that allow delicious import'' or ''list of bookmarks with delicious important feature''.

After I did not find any results, Then an idea came into my head to write an article tackling these long tail keywords.

If not you will not have gotten my signature authority tagging.

Day 3

New age

If you type a keyword related to your niche on say google.

You're going to find very poorly written articles ranking very high for that keyword.

Google has better it's algorithm, we hear about the panda and penguine updates, that shock the internet world.

It is waiting for people like you to take over the game.

Go to those poorly written articles, modify them with some new stuffs, like pictures, vidoes, more information.

Take even the title of that article and modify it, and watch the magic happen.

Google will reward you by ranking that article of yours very high giving you authority and backlinks.

Now if you do these 2 correctly, you should be seeing some significant traffic by now.

Making Money On The Internet

The Bible said ''awake oh sleepers.''

What the Bible meant here is not actually those sleeping on their bed but those sleeping on what is going on in this world of ours.

The internet today is where everyone is found.

I heard people even now find Spouse on the internet.

Sites like facebook.com has almost 2 billion people.

It has even been termed as the reason why people browse the internet these days.

I just want to open your eyes. So read on as I try to do that.

There are several legitimate ways you can make money on the internet.

Through freelance jobs on sites like freelancer.com.

Where you are required to do simple things like data entry, article writing, copy writing to complicated jobs like java scripts and web design...

On a site like freelancer.com, you are required to search for jobs post by those that require your service, and then you will have to bit for that job.

The secret here is if you are new on the internet you will have to go in for the data entry jobs and if you are good at writing, then you can take article writing and copy writing.

When starting, make sure you have the lowest bit. And try to be polite.

Write short reviews about yourself like ''Dear sir I am new here and I promise I will do my best to deliver your service at the lowest price.''

And then you have an additional advantage if you are the first to bit on a particular project.

You can also make money on sites likes facebook.com and twitter.com.

You can do that through cpa's and affiliate marketing.

This is how. On twitter.com, after you have got as much followers as you can, you can join affiliate sites like clickbank.com.

On clickbank.com, people post affiliate products and you get what is called a commission if that product is bought through a link posted by you.

Some are as high as 75% while some is 50, 50.

Same on facebook.com. But facebook.com has an additional advantage in that you can create a page and place cpa's options.

Cpa's are form filling projects where you are paid a low amount of money if people fill forms on your website or facebook page.

You can also past affiliate links on your facebook page.

You can also create a blog on free sites like blogger.com, wordpress.com or create a free website.

Here you are required to do a little of hard work.

This is where making money on the internet is all found.

People are known to live on what they make on their blogs or websites.

But you will have to get involved in what is called internet traffic.

With article marketing, you will have to write articles and submit them to article directories like ezine.com, articlebase.com. With social media marketing, you will have to create social profiles on sites like facebook.com, twitter.com, digg.com, delicious.com, stumbleupon.com...

Video marketing requires you to create short videos and submit them to sites like youtube.com.

The secret here is try to be an expert in at least one.

Don't try to do it all. It will not work. If you choose SEO, work on it if you choose article marketing, work on that...

Be patience, consistence and hard working.

You are a free man and I am trying to teach you the ways of a free man. Be your own BOSS.
Day 4

Get Million Of Visitors From The World's Largest News Site (Reddit)

Have you recently heard even barack Obama was on reddit, When he ask people to ask him anything? (AMA) That's right that is how popular reddit is.

In todays post, we are going to be looking at how the gurus are utilising reddit to get million of visitors to their websites and how you can use reddit to get thousands of visitors per day.

If you are new on the internet and have heard about how people are making millions online, then read this article I want to try to teach you something not everyone will teach you.

First you will need a website or a facebook page.

If you have no idea on how to create a website, then there are thousands of services out there to help you do that but they will boom you with allot of affiliate links (just to warn you before hand).

Or maybe you are already good on facebook, then create a page.

Make sure you choose something you are interested in, and not the size of the industry.

Let's assume you have created your website or facebook page and have found something you are interested in, head straight to reddit.

Now this is how reddit works.

Riddit has more than 260 sub - reddits which have over 100,000 subscribers. Meaning people who want to see the news of that sub - reddit on their homepage. An example of a sub - reddit TIL (today I learned) people post what they have to say on these sub- reddits.

If it gets allot of upvotes then it will be found on the home page of reddit for some days.

Do you know how many visitors a single article can get you if it stumbles it's way on the homepage of reddit just for one day?

Let's leave that until you try it yourself.

Each sub - reddit is broken down into categories which you can use to build a website or facebook page on and make some money.

If you are one of those that does not just read things and keep them under your pillow then let me take you to the next level.

Don't just focus on a sub - reddit because of it's size.

You will stand a better chance if you have an interest.

Head over to redditlist.com.

This will give you a better view of the sub - reddit than what the reddit search engine will show you.

Go through that list until you find what is making people want to vote that particular article.

You will have the opportunity to see even those that have been posted for a very long time, since reddit has what everyone is looking for (travelling back in time).

Then get those articles and modify them and post on your facebook page or website.

Try to make it look better than what reddit had to offer it's community.

Like do some more research on that topic, add more information and make sure to link back to the original content.

If you have been in the blogging field for some time now then you know how difficult it is to get traffic.

It will overwhelm you if you are not careful.

People have created blogs and ended up making no sense out of what they have created.

Not because they did not have something interesting to say but the process of getting people engage in what they have to say is very frustrating.

For those of you that want to go into some serious keyword research, then reddit is also a very good place to do that., It has some keywords you will never find on google.

If you are someone that is new then this is good for you since you can get all the heard work done.

Today I bring you a very effective way to get traffic and make some money.

Everything takes some time and some heard work.

Even though very effective, if you are not consistent and put in some heard work, you will not come out with good results.

Want Something To Write About?

Have you heard people are making thousands just by writing articles online?

Have you heard people are making millions from their blogs or websites?

Are you wandering how they are doing that?

Then come to me let us talk. Let us say you have found Mr nice guy.

You do not have to write about rocket science in order to make money on the internet nor do you have to write about atomic decay to earn financial independence online.

Read on to find out how a woman is making 50.000$ online from the simple things you think do not matter.

There are Africans scattered around the world that have never been to Africa, there are South Africans in Australia that have never been to South Africa, there are Germans in Russia that have never been in Germany.

Does that say something to you?

They will tell it to everyone if you send them something from home.

Now where are you found in this world?

In which city are you found in the particular country you are located?

Take some time to learn about the History of that country or the city in which you are found.

Learn where must of the people have gone to, for example during the times of slavery, world war, or where the people regularly take their vacations.

People have been known to fall in love unawares.

They might have been capture during the times of slavery to America or any other part of the world, they might have flight to another country during the times of war, they might have been captured by love in a vacation in a new city or country.

Now this is what you can do, read local news papers, listen to local news radio stations, watch local TV stations, gather as much information as you can and write articles about this information in a conversational tone, so as to give readers the opportunity to contribute in the conversation.

If you just start asking them to buy these information, in the long run they won't like it and they will run away from you with time.

Some will buy from you from the happiness they will get in the short run.

I can't imagine how happy I get when I get something I know about from home, like a food receipt, how it excite my mind, I will pay anything just to get that news.

But as time goes on I return to my new life (living in Germany).

So this is what you what to do, collect as much information as you can from the means I just listed above, come out with conversational articles about those information, then create a website or a blog and post these articles on.

These will give people out of home the privilege to connect with things from home and have the opportunity to discuss issues from home with one another.

Now creating a blog or a website does not automatically mean people will start stumbling on your blog or website and get interested in what you have to say.

You have to get what is known as website or blog traffic.

If you get people to fall on your blog or website that is telling them about something everyone misses (home) they will spread it to the world for you.

To promote your blog or website, you can use paid methods like facebook ads or adwords run and owned by google.

With facebook ads, it is better if you create a page and then promote that page since you will have loyal fans that will like and share your content rather than some passer by buyers.

With google adwards, you will have to focus on keywords.

You will have to study what people will normally type on search engines like google when they are home sick just to get something from home.

Sometimes they might just want a picture of a home city or a favourite local rocky game.

You can choose a local food receipt.

Come out with the full details on how to cook this food from start to finish, even add details about how this food is eaten, for example with the hands like it is commonly done in Africa or with spoons, knives and forks, like the Europeans do, then come out with an e-book. An e-book is basically a PDF document.

So your methods on how to prepare a favourite home dish is found in a PDF file.

There are sites that will allow you promote this product for a little fee.

Like clickbank. In clickbank and many other sites, you will have the additional advantage to get affiliates, i.e. boys and girls that will help you promote this product.

You will be promoting this product on your website or blog and then get others involve in promoting this product for you.

Clickbank gives your affiliates what is known as commission.

They will be promoting your product on a 50%, 60% or 75% commission.

All these transactions is taken care of by clickbank.

All you get is your money.

Still not satisfied?

Want me to come up with more ideas for you?

What is the favourite local game of that country or city, what is the favourite women's club of that country, what is the favourite men's club of that country, you can even go into Museums and come out with historical items:

In must museums, you are not allowed to take pictures, but they are often filled with historical items and news which you can collect and do a google search to get more information and even photos.

Organise this in a PDF file then submit it to clickbank and see the magic happen.

There are also sites that will allow you upload files for free.

These files are downloaded free by others.

You can submit a shorter version of what you are selling on these sites in a PDF file format and an affiliate link leading back to the original document.

Who knows the number of downloads it will get.

Still not satisfied of what you can tell those out of home?

What is the political and religious status of that particular country or city.

What has changed within the years. Come out with a collection of the presidents, in the case of a country, this is bad for those in Africa, since we have one President rolling the country till ''it'' dies.

Come out with governors, officials in that country region, or city.

People out of home are very interested in topics like that.

They might even find a relative of theirs who have become a governor, and they will pay you back by spreading the news to the world and maybe come back home.

Let us call this concept or idea ''thinking inside the box''.

Do not thing about space or how man can get into the sun, when people are interested to know about a favourite local football player.

Come out with local news about a country, region, or city, tell people about it and you will be shocked how many people will be willing to buy what you have to sell...

That is the end of my story.

You can to message me @ mubwilliams@gmail.com


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