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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sugarless snacks, how would the end product taste like? Most of you will be wondering by now. This days, people have even started using sugar to cook natural food, so how do you start making sugarless snacks when you spend your whole childhood scarfing down an endless supply of snack types made with processed sugar. Read on while we find out together.

To tell you the truth, there are tasteful sugarless snacks. Don't believe me, then check this out 100 Healthy Raw Snacks And Treats. As nature will always have it, there are alternatives that are actually healthy for us, and do not get me wrong, you will still get all the sweetness you might otherwise miss in the absence of a dose of sugar.

In Carolyn's book, you are also going to find out natural snacks and treats to sweeten the recipes. Honey is also a very good alternative that most of us are already familiar with. Agave nectar even though a less popular type, is also a good natural sweetener found in many of Carolyn's recipes, you are also going to find those tempting cheesecake delights that you can eat without the least feeling of guilt. Yes, the highly favored pink Strawberry Fields Forever cheesecake concoction is also found in Carolyn's collection.

All this are made without sugar, flour or butter. Yes, stay healthy, you do not need this items, you can also use almond butter and coconut butter as an alternative.

Be sure to check out Carolyn's site now and if you do not get your mouth watered by those images of the Strawberry Fields Forever cheesecake and the Carob Fudge, then you are free to call me a liar. Another reason that made this recipe good is that, they are not just healthy for you, easy to make, but they do not also require any cooking. A thumbs up for those of you that do not like cooking. In order to make use of Carolyn's book, all you need to know is how to use your blender, and in no time, you will get a plate full of yum yums.

For those of you that this whole idea has made an impact on (hee hee) then head over to and find out more about how to add 100 Healthy Raw Snacks And Treats to your diet. Belief me, if you like eating, this is something that is worth your time - you are also going to lose a few pounds by eating stuff that tastes like it was designed to put on the pounds, not take them off!


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