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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Don't you set there and think your willpower alone will be enough to keep you from that cookie jar or the potato chips each time you get into the case of the munchies when no one is looking. Do you live alone? Come on. No one else around to see what you are doing, then you are going to jump on whatever you can get your hands on. Humans - creatures of comfort food. Get yourself a cup of coffee and let's get to the bottom of the matter.

 It is best to avoid buying things you love to eat. Trust me, if you have something tasty and within reach, it is going to get eaten. Your willpower might be able to keep you off for a day or two the desire to slice open a bag of cookies, but you will give in eventually. So, what are you suppose to do to stop getting that extra inch around your waist? Read on and let's find out together.

The first thing you want to do is, replace the "bad" snacks, which is practically every piece of junk food that is sold at your local convenience store, with healthy snack alternatives. But what to those look like? You may ask, someone else might ask what do they TASTE like? And sure not too many of you, if any still have any memories of "healthy" cookies that mom used to make when the sugar and butter supplies in the house ran low. If you got yourself on this article, then count yourself lucky.

Carolyn Hansen, the author of 100 Healthy Raw Snacks And Treats, has seen into your pain. Her determination has found snack recipes that do away with the usual cast of bad characters: sugar, flour, butter, and replace these with healthy snacks. This was done some years ago, today you have the oppotunity to receive her low-calorie snacks. Don't be worry, it taste good.

You just need to see some photographs of the snacks and treats that she has found you would not hesitate to volunteer to be a guinea pig in her kitchen. Have you ever thaught you could make cheescake alternatives that use no dairy, but look and taste delicious nonetheless? Apparently you have not.

Do you want more information on this mouth-watering topic then head over to her site now at 100 Healthy Raw Snacks And Treats, grab yourself a copy you don't need a stove. Yes, no stove all you need is a blender. These are all no cook recipes made from natural ingredients that can go direct to your mouth!


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